We design, manufacture and install cutting edge IoT solutions for applications in the marine industry

DigiSeas has developed an IoT smart sensor, specialized for marine & shipping applications

Shipowners and ship management companies often deal with a cumbersome process to monitor, log and explain any security breaches on board ships. DigiSeas's IoT enabled smart sensors application ensures peace of mind by providing robust 24 hour surveillance, instant alerts and detailed logs in the event of any breaches

Safe And Secure

With multiple layers of security built into the hardware, any breach is detected immediately and captured by the platform

Real-Time Monitoring

Cloud based platform allows for continuous real time remote monitoring and instant message updates in event of breaches

Durable & Reliable

Our IoT devices are optimized to run for multiple years without maintenance, & withstand harsh marine environment


Smart IoT Devices

Sensors will directly detect any tampering, and wirelessly transmit the data to the gateway device

Proprietary and well engineered system allows sensors to reliably transmit data in metallic ship environment with high signal distortion

Electronic tags will be designed to consume minimal power and have a long battery life (minimum 3 years)

Gateway device will relay data from the sensor to the cloud platform, as well as act as an intermediate storage point

Cloud Based Platform

Cloud based monitoring platform where stakeholders can view the comprehensive reports about the captured data in real-time

Immediate alerts about location / duration of breaches sent to concerned parties

Detailed logs showing time and duration of breaches will be available to access for ship management and authorities 


DigiSeas's smart sensors have various applications in the marine industry, where the current systems are highly inefficient and mainly rely on one-time use plastic tags as shown in the pictures below. These plastic tags need to be replaced frequently and inspected manually. 


 Security Doors

   Oil Valves

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